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Download: Lips

Downloads + Previews + Credits under the cut.

(this one's a bonus because they made cute faces and I didn't want to waste them).

Ok, the previews are crappy from an artistic standpoint, but hopefully you get the point, which is the lips :) Redhead is wearing Unstable and Appleblossom, her wife is wearing one of the reds (I'm an idiot and forgot to check) and I think Guncotton.

This is pretty much 100% other people's work. I only slapped it all together.
I picked the Pooklet, Aelia, and CuriousB colors I thought would be most likely to be included in a line of lipsticks at the drugstore. I think there's a nice mix of bright colors, dark colors, muted colors, and neutrals, but if you have any requests, let me know! Like it says in the header, the texture is from Trapping (from when she uploaded that zip of extra textures a few months back) and the alpha is from Bruno's Venom Lips (available at MTS). The alpha covers the full lip, but is soft enough that it looks good on all skintones (well, mostly). Trapping's original color is included, as is the original PNG so you can make recolors if you want; if you use my colors but realpha them you can extract my thumbnails and use the swatch in the zip if you like.

WCIFs/questions/requests welcome. You can reupload if you want but don't claim them as your own (lots of different people's hard work went into these, and those people deserve proper credit!), and no paysites or TSR.
Files are compressorized and properly named so you can discard as you please, swatch is included.
Get them here: http://www.mediafire.com/?a6frp6fqlja5nx1

I hope *someone* gets some use out of these.

ps I made a simblr! Ivy-Sims :D